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With our establishment process, we create local anchoring in the community at an early stage, involving our target group, politicians, and other stakeholders.

Through our process, we cultivate local market understanding and interest in the upcoming establishment. We involve the target group early on to gain an understanding of how the elderly want to live in a particular location. The process creates curiosity and generates demand for the concept locally through ambassadorship and focus groups, among other things.

Glatt seniorpar i fåtöljer

A co-creating process

During the process, several studies are conducted. The results lead to a market analysis and an understanding of the interest as well as the need for service for those who may live here. All of this is done to develop a tailored and unique living concept.
The study enables CLA, together with the target group, to gain valuable insights for a tailor-made comprehensive offer where the elderly can live life to its fullest.

The establishment process - six steps

  1. We create an interest for the living concept
  2. A focus group is established
  3. Comprehensive market analysis is conducted
  4. A reference group is formed
  5. Dialogue & anchoring with target group and stakeholders
  6. A clear and definitive final result
Närbild på liten grupp av seniorer som äter frukost tillsammans

A unique and tailored ConceptLiving offer

After completing the establishment process, all stakeholders gain an understanding of how age optimization in this lifestyle residence should be implemented. It includes the architecture of the house and the design of the home, the types of services, meals, wellness, and activities to be offered, the values we should work by, and ultimately - the ConceptLiving offer that will be established for you and the elderly who live here.

Through this, we now have a unique living concept with documentation for investment decisions, marketing strategy, and an interest list with potential residents and members.

ConceptLiving - Lifestyle Residences

Our goal is to create a holistic approach focused on people's ability to reach their full potential and enhance their qualities in life.

The video portrays a 4-star residence concept in a Canadian context. Our residences may look different, yet very similar. Structurally, they are built in the same way, and social functions are created to support people through meal experiences, services, and activities. We believe that people are fundamentally alike; the primary differences are cultural and societal systems. Therefore, we are convinced that this type of service-intensive residence concept will be in high demand in Scandinavia and Northern Europe.
This is what the social content can look like at a facility in accordance with our ConceptLiving Lifestyle Residences concept. The video shows Tapestry at Wesbrook Village i Vancouver.

Skärmavbild 2023-06-09 kl. 11.32.41

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